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About Us

I would say that my style is quite unique. I blend the traditional happenings of a wedding into my own creative photojournalistic flavor. I feel it is very important to capture as many "real" moments as possible. I invite you to my website to share my passion for the art of wedding photography.

A few words from recent brides:

"Matt…All I can say is wow! Wow Wow Wow! You are incredible! I am soo stunned at how amazing these pictures are! You completely recaptured all moments of the night! …Sonya".

"Matt, I can't tell you how awesome our pictures turned out. I am absolutely amazed, shocked, and totally impressed! The pictures made my mom cry, and made Beth speechless…Rebecca".

"Matt, THANK YOU SO MUCH! These pictures are incredible!!!!! I must have looked through them all 5 times last night. I was on the phone with my mom doing it and we were both in awe of the beautiful photos. You did such an awesome job! You are so talented!!! Colby".

"Hey Matt! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I have been swamped at work but have wanted to tell you how much we appreciate getting to see these great pics. Everyone complimented you on how you were "everywhere, catching every shot" You made quite an impression!…Melissa".