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About Us

Photography is my passion, and I find people celebrating life to be the most exciting subject. I will bring my creative energy to your wedding, and document your special day with artful photographs. I usually shoot both posed portraits and documentary candids (also called photojournalism or storybook style) in a mix of color and black and white. I will create personal and unique photographs of you, your family and guests, and the events and details of your wedding day. It is always my goal to make the wedding I'm shooting the very best I've ever done. Serving Kansas, Missouri, and the world.

I'm friendly, easy to work with, and excited about wedding photography. I have to admit that I prefer clients with a similar temperament. :) I am flexible, adaptive to my clients needs and wishes, and think quickly on my feet. Visit my website for more information including prices, my frequently asked questions page, and hundreds of wedding photographs I've created. I'd be happy to meet with you to show you my portfolio of real prints, and discuss your ideas for your wedding photography.