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Congratulations to the two of you on your engagement!

My name is Rev. Larry D. Goyda, and I am an ordained, non-denominational, interfaith minister located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been blessed with the opportunity to officiate at approximately 1500 wedding ceremonies since 1994.

As a non-denominational minister / officiant, my approach is to help you get married by conducting a wedding ceremony that celebrates the commitment between two people who love one another, by reflecting the values, beliefs, and meaningful aspects of your relationship. It is important that your wedding ceremony be an authentic expression of you as individuals and as a couple, and I will assist you every step of the way.

I believe that it is important for a couple to be comfortable with both their wedding minister and their wedding ceremony. My style is open, caring, and laid back, yet detail-oriented. Many couples find this approach appealing, making it easier for us to work together. I will make recommendations, which many couples choose to follow, but these recommendations are only guidelines and are certainly not etched in stone.

Quite often, couples who come to me to be their wedding officiant have different religious traditions and ask me to incorporate both religions into their particular ceremony. I am pleased to perform weddings that blend two faiths or go in a direction that better meets how the two of you view life, the world and your relationship. Though there are differences - some great and some minor - in the words, traditions, texts, practices, and cultures of the world, in the end, we are all seeking the greater light of life, and a beautiful wedding ceremony can be built around those universal beliefs.

I am here to help you celebrate your love and commitment, and will do so in a manner that brings the most meaning and joy to your ceremony. I will conduct your ceremony with the utmost consideration and respect, and with the intention that what is reflected to all in attendance is the love that binds your union.


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Aug 24, 2012