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Walla Walla, WA 99362
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Wedding Videography

Mechan Media provides professional wedding videography services based out of Walla Walla, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are available to travel for your wedding as well.

When you first contact us, we will discuss your plans and work with you to create the best video package for your wedding.  We can provide multi-​​camera coverage in a variety of styles, and with a variety of special features.

Our crew dresses professionally and works discreetly, so all the attention is on you.

We can provide coverage of your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding day preparations, the ceremony, and reception.  If you’d like, we can also schedule another day of shooting prior to the wedding for interviews and artistic shots on a less busy day.

After your wedding, the time of delivery may vary based on the package we develop for you.  We can provide DVD or Blu-​​ray masters of your video, complete with full rights to reproduce and distribute them.  We can also publish your video to the internet for friends and family to enjoy.

Our wedding videography services start at $3,500.  Please contact us so we can build a custom package of services for you and provide you with a quote.

To view some samples of our work, take a look at the wedding videography section in our portfolio.  We’re currently in the process of putting these online, so check back as more are posted.

About Us

Mechan Media was founded in 2008 by four friends and collaborators. More information about each of us can be found on our pages under Our Team.

We decided to found a production company because we wanted to have the highest possible standards for ourselves and push ourselves creatively more than we felt we could working for someone else. We also wanted to create our own work opportunities and contribute to the local economy. Along with our drive for excellence we also have experience.

Mechan Media has produced and crewed many types of productions including event videography, interviews, promotional videos, feature films, documentaries, weddings, and narrative work. We can bring your production to a modern, professional level.

The service you’ll get from Mechan Media will always be friendly, unobtrusive, and professional. In event settings we will represent you well.

Each of us has a very definite role in each phase of production. Our diverse backgrounds, talents, and skill sets make us an optimal and well-​​rounded team that will deliver the highest quality product at a cost effective level.

We know that in today’s economy many feel they cannot afford a professional video, but with audiences and customers today demanding more visual media from companies and organizations you can’t afford to market and work without video media. We are here to help by providing the highest quality videos for the most competitive prices around. Contact Us and we can help you achieve your media dreams.

Mechan Media was founded out of a desire to do excellent work. While this sounds cliché, we actually mean it.