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About Us

I have been shooting pictures for about 12 years and find each photography assignment exciting and unique. Every job is a new way to blend an expression of my personal vision with the beauty of life before me. Being a professional observer puts me most in touch with the honest and the quintessential, in the visual context. It is a constant fascination to me that there is so much said and yet unsaid by a photograph, and what that draws forth from the viewer is yet another wonderful enigma.

"Thanks again for all your fabulous work at our wedding. So many friends and family, who we showed our pictures to over the holidays were just wowed by the photos and those who were there had so many great compliments about you." Rachel Hart, Editor Seattle Bride Magazine

"The pictures are absolutely wonderful and exactly what we were thinking. You really did an outstanding job and managed to keep everyone calm all at the same time, that is quite a feat!" Lisa Anne Hadley

"From beginning to end our experience with you has been perfect. You have such a great presence with just the right amount of spice! Your work is amazing!" Ange and Alex Smith