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About Us

Weddings - Weddings are expensive and if you are on a budget, hiring entertainment is most likely low on the priority list. However, most people remember the entertainment when they recall a wedding. Merik Music is here to bridge that gap. Our DJ's have been in the business for over 15 years. However, we do not feel that our experience needs to break your bank. We will provide music for your event at prices you can afford.

Anniversary - A wedding anniversary is a special day. It is important to remember and celebrate when two people fall in love and solidify their love with marriage. Merik Music will allow you to provide quality music for your anniversary at very reasonable prices. 

Parties/Prom - Merik Music has the ability to make any event memorable. Parties and Proms can be very expensive. Why would you add to that by spending around $400 for about 3 hours of entertainment? Entertainment is important, but why do you have to take money out of savings or extend your budget in order to hire a DJ. We will provide you entertainment and you will still have money left over with our reasonable pricing structure.