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About Us

Me+You Ink provides stylish, unique, and completely custom wedding invitations, baby announcements, stationary, greeting cards, and other printed materials at a dramatically lower price than comparable design companies.

We get it. Today's wedding invitations can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire, though the price of your dream invitations can often induce sticker shock.

That's where we come in. Me+You Ink will create the invitations and announcements you've always dreamed of, and at a price that would make daddy proud. You really can have a completely custom wedding invitation set with the look and feel of your wedding, a preview into the theme, season, formality, and style of your upcoming big day - all without countless hours looking for through pre-designed template invitations.

Whether you're planning a Vanity Fair-inspired Victorian theme, or a shabby chic New England inspired barn burner, Me+You Ink will create the perfect invitation, leaving your guests dying to know what's in store for them once they arrive.

Our invitations are expertly hand-made, spiritually inspired, and always what you're looking for. Read what some of our clients had to say about their Me + You Ink experience:

"Lauren is such a wonderful designer. She truly captured what we had locked away in our heads, and brought it to life on paper." - James & Melissa

"We were concerned about our ability to pay for custom, high-design invitations as our wedding budget wasn't very large. We're both students, and are working hard. Lauren recognized this and worked within our budget. And we were SO PLEASED with the way the invitations turned out." - Jessie

"We needed an invitation to our holiday party with short notice. Lauren came through with such outstanding service and design. We look forward to working with her for our next big party!" - Susan

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