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About Us

MG Photography started taking pictures at events at the end of 2008 and we discovered that we could capture that special moment in a couples life. We consider ourselves commercial wedding photographers . 
That means that every single image that we deliver we bring it at the highest photographic level. 

In the summer of 2010, we also started our photoboot, and since than it has been a great success. Basicly what we`ve done is turn an object that ussualy sits on the side of the dance floor into a popular atraction for your guests, by projecting the images taken onto a lifesize image, in seconds in front of them. 


About the photographer: 

Mihai likes to weave traditional and commercial elements into his photography. He understands that every wedding is different, so he tries to make his images unique for each one and reflect the style of the event. Mihai thinks his fun personality is what truly makes him stand out as a photographer, because it allows his clients to truly be themselves, which shows in the final images. Mihai enjoys going to seminars and taking part in workshops around New York. In the past he has studied with photography greats like Joe McNally and David Zeiser. When Mihai isn't taking pictures, he enjoys reading magazines for inspiration and new ideas. 


About our services:


MG Photography offers the following services regarding event photography : wedding photography, photobooth services and design services. 
All these services are at the highest quality possible. We believe here at MG Photography that you deserve only the best when it comes to your special day.