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About Us

"Photographer Extraordinaire!"
- Eastman Kodak Company

"Picture Perfect!"
- Birmingham Eccentric Newspapers

"You guys are terrific!"
- George Puscas
Detroit Free Press

"... Wow!"
- Janice Cherkasky, Gourmet Parties

"... Your pictures are the best we've ever seen…"
- Joe Cornell Entertainment

Michael Jonas, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsmen, PPA Certified, has developed an exciting and distinctive style of photography recognized on an international level. He artistically interprets the essence of the event with a series of sensitive, contemporary and spontaneous photographs that reflect the focus and style of his clients. Mr. Jonas is known for his keen ability to photograph an event while remaining inconspicuous.

Michael's dramatic images have been and continue to be published in several bridal publications that include The Michigan Bride and The Detroit Wedding Pages, as well as in industry trade magazines including Studio Photography and Design, the Rangefinder and Professional Photographer. In March 2003, Michael Jonas was bestowed the honor, Mentor,

"... Thank you so much for the wonderful photography. I knew when I entered your studio that you were an excellent photographer, but you are also extremely professional and personable. We have heard many a horror story about wedding photographers, so we are thrilled at the great work you have done! You're the best! Thanks."

~Karen and Glenn Saltsman

" ...Each time we show of the album, we're reminded how important it was to adequately capture our special day and how lucky we were to find someone with your expertise. We've learned that any photographer can make you smile for a moment, but only a rare professional can keep you smiling for years to come."

~Deanna and Brian Bellhorn