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About Us

Please check the full website for examples of black and white outdoor and indoor galleries, engagement photos, contemporary magazine style albums, panoramic pages and all albums offered. You may e-mail Michael directly from his site: www.loebphotography.com

A Word About The Artist:

Michael photographed his first wedding at age
13 as a favor for his cousin, and the rest, as they say, is history. As a result of his love of photography and the warm accolades he received about his work throughout his life, he decided to turn professional years later.

Michael's work is available in both color and black and white. Before a wedding, Michael consults with his clients to determine the style of photography desired, to plan important shots, and to identify any particular people to be photographed. Michael prides himself on his ability to communicate with his clients and the other professionals involved in his clients' wedding. He quickly puts couples at ease before, and more importantly, during their wedding. On a day of wedding promises and vows, Michael lives by his favorite: "We all promise to have fun!"


"Michael takes jobs very seriously, he's very good; I think he's one of the top professional photographers in the Bay Area. He's got a unique style, very romantic. He's creative and artistic. And he's very personable, makes people feel relaxed."

"Michael is very likable, responsible, and his work is beautiful. I've referred him on a number of occasions."

"Michael Loeb is fabulous! I'm very impressed with him and I think his work is excellent. He comes fresh and creative each time to a job; he's not a format photographer. If you're looking for high quality and thinking of spending the money on his services, I'd say 'Go for it!"'