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About Us

Personal Trainer.   Author.   Keynote Speaker.

How has author and certified fitness nutrition specialist Michael Moody helped his clients lose collectively lose over 2500 lbs?  Since 2005, he has reinvented the personal training experience with an integrative nutritional, exercise, and mental approach to sculpting the body and reducing injury.  Known as "Chicago's Best Weight Loss Trainer", Michael uniquely shapes his bridal sculpting programs for weight loss/toning/sculpting focused people.  When clients follow his plan, they lose at least 5-10 lbs in the first month!*

Specifically, Michael integrates an adaptable nutritional structure based on your needs, wants, and lifestyle.  Paired with scientific physical fitness testing, including a gait analysis, all corners are covered for your success.  Most important, you have redefined yourself without detox diets, supplements, and over-the-top exercises.

From brides to professionals, Michael's personal training clients have truly changed their lives (not just lost weight).  Be the next to transform yourself.  Try personal training with Michael for a month and see the results!