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About Us

At Michael Steinberg, we have a traditional photojournalistic style with the ability to do beautiful posed shots as well. Let the portfolio show you what we do and how we do it. All packages include your full size files, sharpened and color corrected. And lastly, you will not believe how fast you get your files. We offer fully designed coffee table books, parents books, and dvds. Here are just a few unsolicited endorsements.

"We're back now and yes, we found the dvd. Of course, we cried our heads off, just like on the actual day of. :) You did a lovely job. Thank you so much. That was such a perfect day, and you just captured it so nicely. I know people who ended up with crummy photos and jerk photographers, and our experience was just light years from that." ~Lisa and Jeff

"Michael, I just got home from work and I did get the DVD and files. I absolutely LOVE the DVD. I think everything came out wonderful. Thanks again for the beautiful pictures and the speed you worked at! WOW!" ~Stephanie and Ryan

"Wow. I don't really think we need to go into detail about how pleased we are with the pictures, but we're sure you enjoying hearing it so we'll tell you all about it. We are still in awe of how fortunate we were with light. It was apparent yesterday, even peaking at the preview on your LCD, that the images you'd captured were magic. We thank you again and cannot wait to get to work on putting together our book!"
~Katie and Matt