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I love photography... capturing a single moment, an emotion, or a look between two people and saving it forever in a photograph is priceless. As time passed, our memories fade, and some moments should never be forgotten.

The best compliment I have ever received was "you captured moments that I don't even remember happening... but are now moments I will always cherish." Being able to see the way a loved one looks at you when you are not paying attention, is an amazing gift to receive. When I married the "greatest husband ever", our wedding song said "I wish that you could see the way that you love me..." Photography makes that possible.

There are two things I love more than photography. First and foremost is Jesus Christ. I am so appreciative for the talent and passion that He has given me, without Him, I would have nothing. Secondly, I love my family. I am blessed with a wonderful man, and adorable (but crazy) twin girls. I wish that I could have a snapshot of every "good" moment that we have had together thus far. Although that isn't realistic, I do cherish the photos that I have, that show the way my family loves each other.

I would be honored to be a part in helping you capture those moments that you never want to forget... even the ones that you are not aware of happening!

~Michelle Blair


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