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AFTER YOUR WEDDING DAY, WHAT SERVICE WILL YOU TREASURE MOST? Your flowers? The band or DJ? The reception? Your dress? Your photos? A national survey of brides confirms our own findings: Most brides and grooms say their professional DVD gives them the most value and enjoyment. Your choice of videographer is important.

If you look at samples of work from videographers and video companies, you'll find three main types of wedding DVD's:

1) The first style is documentary. Scenes are mostly in chronological order.
2) The second style is a more artistic, cinema/film production and may look like nothing you've seen before.
3) The third style is one you should eliminate from consideration. There may be sloppy camerawork, poor audio, lack of continuity, etc.

With my film production background and over 30 years of wedding experience, I create a custom-style DVD for you that captures your wedding day and the magic that makes you a unique couple. It's something you'll treasure and it will become more valuable over time. My clients tell me this was the best wedding decision they made.

Do you really need a professional DVD if you've hired a photojournalistic photographer? Video and photography compliment each other but capture very different things. My clients tell me they enjoy their DVD more than photographs and are very glad they got both.

Don't confuse me with the "all in one" video/photo/DJ factories. You know, the services that offer everything. If you care about quality, personalized service and style at an affordable price, contact me for helpful information that will open your eyes to a wonderful way to preserve your wedding story.

Mike Madden, Video Artist