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About Us

What’s a Parfait?
We’re not talking about granola and yogurt in a cup, but the real thing of cream & fruit.

Today’s bride is all about having a fresh and distinctive wedding, filled with unique ideas to incorporate into her special day, especially when it comes to dessert. While cupcake towers, candy bars and chocolate fountains are still in great vogue, I’d like to introduce Mimi’s Parfait, the wedding cake alternative or supplement for the modern bride.

Crumbled cake. Creamy custard. Juicy fruit and crunchy nuts. Reconstruct these elements as layers in a champagne glass and the result is an aesthetic, eye-catching dessert that provides that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Parfait, like wedding cakes, comes in a variety of flavor and designs. We are committed to providing creative customization and using high quality ingredients. Please call/email to schedule a sample tasting.