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About Us

What can I say… I love Photography, I love taking pictures! It's that simple. I love the stories that pictures tell. Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered what was going through that persons mind? I love to capture candid, spontaneous unscripted moments. The true emotion shown when you think no one is watching. That’s me... camera in hand, off to the side; taking pictures without you even knowing.

I am passionate about photography and producing pictures my clients can cherish for a lifetime. I am committed to quality, and strive for excellence. I am also a big believer in Customer Service. My mission is to not only provide excellent high quality pictures, but also to provide great customer service.

Things I am Thankful for everyday… I am thankful for my wife and my three sons. I am thankful for the love and support of all of my family and friends, and I am thankful to be able to do something that I love, while making others’ smile.

As a photographer, I find joy in spending time with you and your family, and providing you with pictures that represent special moments in your life. Moments that will last forever.

I would be honored to be your photographer today, tomorrow, and whenever the need arises.