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About Us


Hello! I am Jes.. I am so grateful that you are considering going on a photographic adventure with me! I think that the connection between client and photographer is a truly important part of choosing who will document you and your lifes events. So I’d like you to get to know a little about me.

I have been a part of mod4 since 2003, when it was foundedand I am still loving every minute of it. I enjoy doing my best to interject my personality and style into my business and photographs. I find that I tend to attract clients who are similar to me – modern, quirky and looking for something unique.

There’s no greater honor, for me, than to be able to document a couple’s most important day – their wedding. I have such respect and love for all that weddings are and understand how very important my job as a photographer is. My passion for weddings runs deep. I am constantly admiring beautiful gowns, studying new decor trends and eyeing amazingly delicious looking cakes! My Pinterest has a Wedding Board full of things that I love to inspire my clients (And who knows? Maybe even use at MY wedding one day!). I am not a girly girl – I have recently become kind of addicted to dresses though (my mom is SHOCKED!) – but weddings are one of the “girly” things that I just get. I get why dresses are so expensive, I get why you put 10 hours of work into choosing colors, I get why the font on your invite HAS to be absolutely perfect. I just get it. Weddings are and always will be in my blood and my heart and you’ll see that reflected in my work.

After 9 years as a Photographer I still get excited with each booking.  I know that we are going to have a blast during your session- laughing and getting to one another. I get so excited to create unique images for each of my clients so that they can show off their wedding to everyone they know.