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Vancouver + Whistler:  Boutique Wedding Ceremonies

A Wedding Ceremony that is alive with meaning and personality is truly a journey of the heart, a collectively felt experience that will be remembered as long as living memory. Not only is your ceremony the beginning of your marriage journey, it sets the tone for your entire wedding day. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show family and friends why your love is so important. The way you feel about each other is beyond words. We help you give voice to the inexpressible within your hearts so it may be shared with others through your wedding ceremony. Our transformational ceremonies are custom written with reverence. And like our remarkable clients, no two ceremonies are ever the same! 

Package A: The Couple Experience of a Lifetime

You’ve heard of haute couture and haute cuisine… this is the ceremonial equivalent. Meticulous creative preparation… Individually Crafted…Inspired Presentation. Rather than follow a traditional set of rules, these ceremonies are visioned and created exclusively for the remarkable couples who commission them. Most suited to couples who embrace life with passion, purpose, a taste for truth and beauty, and well… a little quirkiness too! People who know that ceremony, like all artistic forms, can be a catalyst for deeper connection. Because of the level of expertise and craftsmanship, this ceremony also suits couples of different faith or cultural backgrounds. Guaranteed to get you sharing and talking and dreaming about what will come AFTER the wedding. $1,800 – $2,000 plus HST. Please inquire for details.

Package B: Making Memories Wedding Celebration

Also an entirely custom-written ceremony. Just a little shorter. Celebrant Michele Davidson takes you through a process of reflection that is profound, powerful, and that will help you express what is in your hearts and minds. Michele works in a way that is relatable and uncomplicated – even the shyest Grooms love it! She works with you from the inside out so your ceremony is elevated by truth, meaning, and heart. Reflection brings depth to this time in your life and inspires a bold vision for a wedding ceremony that is utterly reflective of you. The reflection before the ceremony heightens the memories and moments during the ceremony, which in turn transforms how you move through life after the ceremony. $1,600 plus HST. Inquire for more details.

Package C:  Our Short and Sweet Wedding Ceremony

Created for couples wanting a taste of Modern Celebrant’s powerfully experienced ceremonies, but who are limited by budget or other factors. This package, while custom written, follows a traditional structure. This allows us to craft a very personal ceremonial experience with your own thoughts and words artfully woven in. We ask you some uber-thoughtful questions by email and you respond back. Of course we do meet with you for the consult so we get to know you then too. Think of it as an edited version of the longer more reflective ceremonies. Even if all you want to do is make it legal, why not do it beautifully! And yes, it does include rehearsal. $695 plus HST. Give us a shout for further details.

Reserve Your Day as Soon as Possible

Our magnetic north is crafting custom ceremonies to an exceptionally high standard. We accept a limited number of ceremonies each year. Please contact us as soon as you know what day you will be married. We require a 40% deposit and signed Agreement to reserve your date and get started (all costs will be agreed to before this deposit is required). Currently we are accepting commissions for 2013, as well as 2014.


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