Largo da Rosada, 36 Arcos - Estremoz
Estremoz, 7100-011
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Situated close to Estremoz in the small village of Arcos, the elegant Monte da Rosada – Hotel Rural is a refuge of tranquility and well-being.This Rural Hotel has a main house, the former headquarters of a farming company, and a wing of homes typically from Alentejo, where the decoration is inspired in this region. The main building includes a restored old winery where is organized lunches and dinners. It also offers a pleasant romantic garden, pool, barbecue, bar and restaurant.There are 11 comfortable rooms, decorated with simplicity and neatness, according to the character of this country driven tourism in rural areas, it offers air conditioning, TV and mini-bar. Some of the rooms are situated in the garden, near the pool.Inside the main building, there are many nooks and silent rooms, where we can read and have lonely thoughts. In some spaces Wi-Fi is available. Each section has their own personality and is furnished to perfection, a reflection of the owner's passion for decorating. Most of them display sober and antique furniture, dotted with vases of fresh flowers, plants and antiques. The modern touches are conferred by straight lines sofas and curtains to current standards.Outside in the garden, ancient trees provide good shade and flowerbeds delicious aromas bucolic moments of rest, not missing a chapel to compose the perfect picture of a space-fashioned romantic nineteenth century. A huge swimming pool is inviting for some dives. In the morning or in the evening, when silence falls on the plains and unforgiving sun of Estremoz, gives us respite. For moments of entertainment, the bar, with terrace near the pool and games room, does the honors.A visit to this winery meticulously restored former headquarters agriculture is essential, where ancient instruments related to agricultural production, evoke the ancient vocation of the building. On special days, it can be organized lunches and dinners, but it is always interesting to see artisanal still, scales of weights or even jars of clay, where the wine was stored.Monte da Rosada Hotel Rural serves meals, by reservation.For the more active spirits bikes are available, and the geography of the region is good for guests to roam, not only by wheels, but also on foot.Monte da Rosada is located in the small village of Arcos, just five minutes from Estremoz, where Don Dinis and Queen Isabel lived in the thirteenth century. Surrounded by walls and ramparts, the white city, well known thanks to the profusion of marble in the construction of their homes, deserves a closer look. You can start at the palace, now transformed into a hostel, and ask to go up the Menagem Tower, which overlooks most of the Alentejo, the Serra da Estrela, the Montejunto or even Arrábida, besides the houses around. Pass the municipal museum, the Church of Santa Maria and the Chapel of the Holy Queen, still in the "old town" and, finally, go down to Rossio, where it is the "modern village". There take a look at rural museum, where you can find more about the region.