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About Us

It may sound unbelievable, but after three generations, when I hear that someone has called and asked about us fulfilling their good and service needs,...I still get a little thrill!

I started the old fashioned way by washing dishes. (Even though the apron my grandfather gave me was taller than I was.) I watched in amazement as my grandfather fed hundreds of people in the Civic Auditorium, usually in under fifteen to twenty minutes. I was even more wide eyed when I saw my dad feed 7,000 people one day in a town over 100 miles from here. I grew up around good food, and plenty of it.

I want to meet and surpass your needs. In order to do that, I have established 3 guidelines that we use which makes us unique:

1. We require No money ahead of time.

There is nothing worse than running around looking for your checkbook on the day of the party. So, please don't. Also, you only pay us after eveyone is fed, happy and home telling their friends how great our party was. It's your insurance policy that everything turns out just the way you want it. Your needs come first.

2. You can alter the number of people that you have guaranteed up until the time we leave for your party.

We have fresh food available 7 days a week. (Each week we feed over 3,000 people in our restaurants.) If something unforseen happens, and every once in a great while it does, you can lower the count of the people coming, and not be forced to pay for people who are not attending.

3. We don't run out of food.

I have other friends in the catering business who make fun of me for sending too much food. It used to bother me, but I just can't change. So, I brag about it. We always send more food than we need. We also guarantee that we will be able to serve 5% more guests than you tell us.

The food we serve is good host, homestyle food. Together, our cooks have over 250 years of experience. Please allow us to take care of your party from 1 to 1,000. Thank you for putting a thrill in my day by asking for Mossman's Catering.