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Uncontrived Wedding Photography

As a photographer, my goal is to record the spirit of your wedding day by capturingthe energy and spontanaeity of everyone there. To accomplish this, I devote an entire day to your wedding alone so that I am able to document the events that play such an integral part in making your wedding day special.

Years of professional experience enables me to capture these fleeting moments in an artful, yet unobtrusive manner. It also enables me to thoughtfully compose each image, whether candid or formals, so that your wedding photos have a timeless feel with a strong sense of design, making them more than just snapshots.

These photographs are what will tell the story of your wedding day, proving to be the most important and memorable images in the years to come.

Many packages are available, each one tailored to each client’s specific needs. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific wedding.

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