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About Us

Photography | Documentary is the hottest term in the wedding industry. Yet, what makes a picture truly documentary and/or photojournalistic? A true documentary tells a a story. Each picture should paint a thousand words and bring back a million emotions. It is an accurate portrayal of your most important day.

Many ask, "how are you different from many of the other photographers?"

Our answer is simple. We shoot classic Hollywood pictures for the MTV generation. In fact we HAVE filmed for those currently playing on MTV! Visit Gallery 4 and you will see people like Usher, Will.i.am, Pharrell, and many others on major record labels. Filming and photographing for celebrities in Hollywood gives us the creative edge which we bring to your wedding pictures. It's our goal to remain classic, unscripted, but have an edge to give a unique style.

Videography | Our wedding films are uniquely tailored to each client. They are custom and capture the true essence of your special day ... behind the scenes and at the event. And while other vendors sell back the raw footage at an additional charge, we provide it for FREE. Because we believe that is the right way to do business.

Our weddings and the preparations are filmed exclusively on 24p Format (MTV, BRAVO, A&E, and National Geographic) broadcast TV caliber, or on High Definition (HD).

You can now get your wedding film uploaded to your iPod. We all know, half the fun of getting married is flaunting it to those who are single!