About Us

We meet with the brides and grooms and their families before the wedding day to develop a relationship, thus establishing a confidence in our professionalism that eases any stress that may otherwise arise for the couple on their wedding day. The bride and groom know who will be videotaping at their wedding, how they will dress, and how they will interact with them and their guests. Every possible aspect of their wedding day is considered. Their expected and unexpected moments, the emotions and love they express, are all discretely captured to preserve this romantic and joyful occasion.   

Since 1984, we have been the leader in video productions, including Wedding Videos, Wedding Highlights Videos, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Videos, Promotional & Instructional Videos, Corporate Videos, Legal Videos, and more.  Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.  Through  our high standard of professionalism we have earned a reputation for excellent work, dependability and dedication to client statisfaction.