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About Us

Our Newest Service

We are very excited to release our newest photo service that will leave your guests speechless!  It allows us to instantly print photos that are shared on social networks using a specific #Hashtag for your big day!  For more info give us a shout!

We Have The Experience

After years working in event marketing and running events all over the world, we started Nash Imaging Events in 2007.  We have the knowledge and skills to handle any event you can toss at us while making the process completely painless for everyone.  We set out to be a company that didn't chase our competition led the way.

We're Different

We are event people.  This is what we know and love to do.  Booking a photo experience for your event does not have to be a complicated process. Once you explain your vision to us, you can step back and watch it happen.  We will take your concept and turn it into reality.

We Like Options

Options are awesome.  Over the years we have amassed quite a collection of options that can be used in conjunction with any of our photo experiences.  We do green screen, projection displays, slideshows, red carpet with velvet rope photo ops, plastic card photos, photo editing kiosks, photo sharing kiosks, and even digital prize wheels.