About Us

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

If this is what you envision for your wedding, classical guitar may be exactly what you're looking for.

Nashville Wedding Guitarist draws on the talents of the Nashville classical guitar community to provide you with not only a world class performer, but an experienced wedding professional as well. Each of our players has directed the music to hundreds of weddings.

Guitarist Rob Higginbotham, founder of Nashville Wedding Guitarist, has been featured on NPR, performed with the Nashville Symphony and played in over 70 weddings in the last year alone. Contact Rob for availability. You may also click on 'contact' on his website.

We offer a broad range of musical styles for your wedding. The classical guitar gives a beautiful voice to the traditional wedding repertoire, but also lends elegance to more contemporary songs, allowing the Beatles and Bach to sit comfortably together in the same ceremony. If you prefer non-traditional music, the sky's the limit: we have performed songs by popular and obscure artists (The Beatles, Rascal Flatts, Zero 7, Bob Dylan, The Zombies), movie songs and even video game themes.

In addition to solo guitar, we offer duos or trios including violin, cello and flute, The guitar/violin duos are especially popular, and they can cover an amazing range of musical territory, from Baroque to bluegrass.

At Nashville Wedding Guitarist, we put our talents and years of professional experience to work for you, making your wedding or event beautiful and memorable. We are passionate about classical guitar and customer satisfaction. Let our music help set the stage for the most romantic day of your life.