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About Us

What kind of ceremonies do you perform? Non-denominational, although the term really doesn’t tell you much. Most of the couples who contact me say they are looking for a non-denominational ceremony, but they also want it to be nice. They are looking for a quality wedding. They want it to be beautiful, meaningful, memorable. They want it to be romantic. They want it to have heart.

Are you a minister or clergyman? No and Yes. I do not represent myself as a minister or clergyman. I have Credentials of Ministry from the non-denominational Universal Life Church in California. In Colorado, and in most other states, ministry credentials from the ULC are accepted as valid for the purpose of solemnizing marriages.

What is the content of your weddings like? I dwell on what I hope are inspiring themes that bring everyone together, themes that all people can relate to. Among them are themes of love and friendship and companionship, themes of affection and romance, themes of loyalty and trust and the values you share, themes of home and family and building a life together. These are the things I think people really want to hear about at weddings.

What about spiritual content? The ceremonies I perform have a gently spiritual quality to them, but in a universal kind of way, and this seems to be in line with what most people want. When I meet with couples, we discuss the options. Each wedding is tailored to the wishes of the couple.

How long do your weddings take? About 20 minutes.

Is it OK if we write our own vows? If so inclined, give it a try. Here is the ring vow I use. The groom says to the bride as he places the ring on her finger: “Behold, by this ring, as a token of my love and a pledge of my heart, I do sanctify thee unto me as my wedded wife.”

What is your fee? Each wedding is different. Variables abound. Please inquire

Do you require a contract or deposit? Contract no; deposit yes. A deposit of $150 secures the date and we proceed from there.


Dear Ned, "We would sincerely like to thank you for the most beautiful ceremony that I have ever seen. I'm still having people comment on how wonderful it all was. You made that special day all the more wonderful. Again, thank you and your lovely wife for the best day of my life." Sincerely, Sandy & Richard

Dear Ned, "Jody & I send our warmest thanks for such a beautiful ceremony. People are still talking about it, and they always mention how meaningful it was. Like you said, all denominations were satisfied and everyone was touched, especially us. Again, thanks." Warmest wishes, Jeremy & Jody

Dear Ned, "Your wedding officiating helped make our marriage a truly special occasion. Thank you so much for your professionalism, sensitivity & genuine care! We had many compliments about you - you did a wonderful job." With many thanks, Adam & Michelle