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About Us

"I want to capture emotions. I want to tell the story of the day. The bride and groom want to remember their big day as it was, and the events as they were unfolding."

This is why, he says, he does not like to provide photos of only staged poses. "People hate having their picture made. They become stiff and usually display the most horrid smile they can achieve. It just does not look right.

And if I were a groom or a bride, I sure wouldn't want an album full of this type of photos. Would you?"

Formal or posed portraits are still part of the coverage of the wedding day. Emanuel realizes these are important, as they capture different family groups present. Emanuel likes to be unseen during the ceremony. He can usually be found in a corner, in the balcony or in the back of the room. He does not like using a flash during the ceremony and will keep it to a minimum.

"I hate interrupting. To me, there's nothing more distracting than the guests watching the photographer climbing on things just to get a shot. The guests are there to see the groom and bride, not the photographer."