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About Us

We are an artisan's mission critical service. Your wedding is a pivotal life's event even when considered the context of an entire lifetime.

We do a limited number of weddings every year, and we look at each event like it is the only event taking place on the planet each and every time. Great photographs, great design and great storytelling are what we deliver.

Style, composition and theme are part of every image captured. A sharp well focused photograph is not necessarily a good photograph. A posed picture does not always speak to the essence of the person being photographed. A novel can be written with a photograph but the author must have great vision and insight.

Neusse Photography is a guild level service that takes your wedding from the realm of the technician into the realm of fine craft.

Brides, grooms and families will have beautiful photographs that were uniquely crafted to tell the viewer about the individuals and their unique spirits. The process is the confluence of interview, talent and emotional intelligence that allows the nuances of personal behavior to be selected and reflected in your photographs.