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About Us

I do so much more than make garters. I attempt to capture you in something that is more than lingerie and not quite jewelry. It is like having someone write your story with fabric and stitches, or, if you like, glitter and lace. I hope your garter becomes an heirloom in its own right; passed down from wearer to wearer, each adding something of herself.

Garters can be worn as a stand-alone piece or as a pair. Typically the “toss” garter is a simpler version of the keepsake, but there is no hard and fast rule. A bride may choose to wear two identical garters or choose to go in two entirely different directions. No matter what my brides choose, both garters are a gift – one for a lucky wedding guest, and one to her very lucky groom – and will be made with equal attention to quality and detail.

What I use:
I upcycle whenever possible. 100% silk ties are one of my favorite high-quality fabric sources. Antique costume jewelry, buttons, and vintage formal wear can also be found in my notions treasure chest. Clients are also encouraged to suggest items of their own to incorporate in the final product. Perhaps an heirloom wedding dress that can no longer be worn, your great-uncle’s cufflinks, or the lining from the box your engagement ring was in.

Other favorites include double-faced satin ribbon, nylon chiffon, velvet, glass beads, crystals, pearls, and buttons.