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Long Beach, CA 90802 United States

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About Dr. Angela Chester

As a pastoral counselor, Dr. Chester, works with people as they explore  who they are, why they feel the way they do, and where they wish to be. By learning new skills and replacing old unhealthy decision making processes, clients learn to be empowered and renewed.

Dr. Chester is a quoted expert in local and national print and broadcast media. Her comments have appeared on CNN, The Atlanta Post, Madame Noir,  She Knows, DemoDirt, and The Man Registry just to name a few. She is an established author, with titles available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is also the host of I Do Radio and Modern Living with Dr. Angela.  

Dr. Chester, is also an ordained Nondenominational minister and holds degrees in Pastoral Counseling and Divinity.


Premarital Counseling & Post-Nuptial ***

$95 – Per Week x 7 weeks  – 60 Minutes

***Sliding Scale & 5 day pay discount



Individual Therapy*

Individual Therapy – 45 Minutes
Individual Therapy – 60 Minutes
Individual Therapy – 90 Minutes

*Sliding Scale Available


COUPLE'S SESSIONS Relationship Counseling & Marriage Counseling - 2 people

Couple's Therapy**

Couple Therapy – 60 Minutes
Couple Therapy – 90 Minutes

** Sliding Scale Available


FAMILY SESSIONS  More than 2 people - no more than 5

Family Therapy+

$250 – Couple Therapy – 60 Minutes
$300 – Couple Therapy – 90 Minutes

+ Sliding Scale Available


What's a "sliding scale?"

It's a system in which the amount that people are required to pay in fees is charged according to one's ability to pay. For example, we offer Senior Sessions for $25 for those aged 65+.  Proof of ability is required.


Specializing in Premarital Counseling, New Life Pastoral Counseling provides Christian & secular premarital and post-nuptial counseling in downtown Long Beach. Each class is 1-hr for 7 weeks. Processing a new topic each week, every couple is provided a private session, to ensure an easy conversation.