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About Us

Newlife Fitness & Spa is the Northwest Premier Well-being center for men and women that provides the most unique, comforting, revitalizing spa experience for your everyday well-being.

With ancient philosophy and modern technology uniquely combined, we have elevated a typical spa to a whole new level to bring you the most unforgettable experiences with our dazzling spa services during your visit.

At Newlife Fitness & Spa, you will find genuine relaxation for your body, mind and soul through its exclusive spa services that you may have never explored before. Come experience our dazzling spa services today and pamper yourself from head to toe.

Spa Services
We have many different services from unique therapy rooms (yeloow clay, jewel, and rock-salt), three different saunas (infrared, Finland, and Jade Steam), whirlpool spas with three different temperatures (hot, warm, and cold) to fitness, massage, skin care, acupressure, body care (body scrub, body wraps, and waxing), hair care, restaurant and juice bar.

Spa Packages
We provide many different spa packages that will meet your individual needs. All of the spa packages include a daily membership entrance fee ($25), which will allow you to use the fitness area, therapy rooms, saunas, and whirlpool spas in addition to the spa packages services you choose from.

Spa Memberships
We offer different types of memberships (4 signature memberships and 4 flex memberships), which you will receive substantial savings to use our unique facilities (unique therapy rooms, saunas, whirlpool spas, and fitness) for your everyday well-being.

Other Spa Services
We also offer the following value-added services such as Yoga classes and Beauty & Health Seminars. Manicure and pedicure services will be available in Fall 2005.

The Well-being business hours are:
Mon - Thur 7am - 12 midnight
Fri - Sat 7am to 1am
Sundays & Holidays 8am to 10pm
Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas

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