1261 Broadway, Suite #510
New York, NY 10001
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About Us

New York Wedding Dance philosophy is that every first dance should flow innately, producing a natural extension of a couple's spirit. Each lesson will nurture this ideal by providing a serene secluded ambiance coupled with highly qualified professionals.

We are the sole dance studio in New York that has removed the chaotic energy of a group class-oriented environment. Our couples experience their lessons in truly private surroundings, no sharing rooms or music with other instructors and students; thus creating a conducive atmosphere that allows for the right mixture of structure, spontaneity, communication and physical musicality that each couple needs to best express themselves.

New York Wedding Dance provides the highest trained instructors in the art of wedding dance and a superb courteous staff. We believe that our clients will love their time spent here while discovering the joys of dancing.

Additional services include custom song writing, in-home instruction, personalized instructional DVD and music-editing. For more information log onto: www.nyweddingdance.com.


I just wanted to let you know the first dance was so perfect, and of course everyone was in awe! Don't worry we gave YOU ALL THE CREDIT!!! It was like I was at a reward show, "we would like to thank Gail, without her none of this would be possible..." really, that's the truth!! Right after the dance, Chuck said "I wish Gail were here.." Also, I'll call or email you this week about dance classes! We miss it!
~Sung & Chuck

We wanted you to see some of our wedding pictures and take a look at our spins and dip. We had such a blast with our first dance and lots of our guests were crying when we finished! It was the funniest thing. We were so into our dance that we didn't notice the guests until it was over and when we looked around once we'd finished all these people were crying! I guess this means we did a good job. Best to you and the staff over there.
~Mrs. Nydia Shipman

Our dance to Moon River went over well, thanks to Leslie's extreme patience with us! We had so much fun learning to waltz and have recommended it to all our friends. Attached is a photo - hope the form looks correct.
~Megan & Roy