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About Us

Gary Oakley’s passion for capturing natural wedding photographs is evident in both client satisfaction as well as in his product. With a masters in psychology, Gary reads people in a way that makes them feel comfortable resulting in portraits every bride dreams of. His sensitive, unobtrusive style results in Gary’s ability to tell a story through his photos, allowing clients to remember the event years later. In addition to his remarkable people skills, Gary is a gifted artist and has trained with world-renowned wedding photojournalist Denis Reggie whose clients include JFK Jr., the Gore Family and the Getty's. Gary’s passion for photography began as an undergraduate at Middlebury College and currently brings him all over the nation and world for both weddings and photojournalism. Celebrities and nationally recognized non-profits and corporations recognize his talents and regularly employ Oakley Photography. Additionally, his images appear well-known publications such as: The New York Times, Vogue, InStyle, The Knot Magazine, Bride Magazine and destination wedding books.

Today many brides and grooms desire a hands-off approach to their wedding photography hoping to document the day in a more natural style. Oakley Photography achieves this through a sensitive, unobtrusive approach that allows people to enjoy the celebration. Gary employs a unique shooting style, which he terms “Compositional Photojournalism”. In this style Gary moves beyond snapshots to capture the moment with both masterful anticipation and an active shooting style often bringing unique points of view to his photographs. We believe that everyone looks their best in spontaneous moments and with well-trained eyes, we are able to capture those images without clients feeling watched. Because each wedding is unique, knowing our client is a priority. We take the time to understand our clientele ahead of time, allowing them to look their best on their wedding day.

Not only does Oakley Photography provide timeless pieces of art, but couples also seek us out for impeccable service. Our highly trained team of photographers and graphic artists produce excellent photographs that are transformed into timeless albums that narrate the story of their special day.