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About Us

Having a record of the past in photographs is one thing, but having that record captured artistically with the essence of your family is truly priceless; hence the true meaning of Ohana Photography, Family Photography. At Ohana Photography we create portraits that are seen as art in your home We produce priceless images that become heirlooms for your lifetime and many generations to come. But, best of all, we put our heart and soul into each photograph we create. We have a passion for excellence and artistic beauty, which ultimately results in imagery that truly reflects it.

Together, Trinity and Brian provide you with a complete coverage of your wedding day. A complete coverage that is achieved with a fresh, contemporary style combining informal, traditional portraiture with the sensitive, candid style of creative photojournalism. Our unobtrusive approach allows you to fully enjoy your day. Your wedding day is so much more than an exchange of rings, a recital of vows, a few formal portraits and a toast to the couple. There are a thousand special moments that happen and that's what we capture for you. The two of us work to capture different visual and emotional perspectives. For example, while Brian is photographing the portraits, Trinity might be taking candids of the people watching or interacting on the sidelines. Both of us are always looking for the little moments that happen in between. We also take scene setting pictures, which show what everything looks and feels like before the guests arrive. The flowers, the place settings, the room it all happens in. Once the room fills with guests, it tends to get lost in the photos, so its important to capture. We also take "story" pictures, which document what is happening - dancing, cake cutting, interactions with guests. These shots give a sense of the fun people are having, the emotions.

Ohana Photography specializes in Fine Art Wedding Photography. With a distinctive blend of traditional and photojournalistic style all their own, Trinity and Brian will record your celebration in a unique, individual and above all relaxed, yet professional way. With personalities that elicit natural expressions and relaxed, friendly spontaneous pictures, Brian and Trinity have blended their talents making the ultimate team in Seattle photography. We have the ability to make our clients happy by giving them images as individual as they are. For us, photography is not just a hobby. It is a craft and an art form, and its something we take very seriously. From commercial to business, form portraits to weddings, our natural and fresh approach to every task truly sets us apart.