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**Updated Collection Package Prices** Hi. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! I'm JC Kirk of Old 81 Studios. I believe that my clients are unique just like my photography. Let me bring my creative vision and passion to you on your special day to capture those timeless moments that you and your family will want to preserve for generations to come. I love making my clients happy. I will travel outside of the Wichita Kansas Metro Area to capture those special shots that you want. (booking in advance will help ensure that I will be available to shoot your wedding even though last minute challenges could be accepted - So if you are in a bind, let me know) Let me show you why you should invest in my talent and artistic experience for you on your special day. I have many styles to fit what you are looking for - Traditional, Vintage, Contemporary Creative. Payment plans can be arranged. OLD 81 STUDIOS | Wedding Collections & Packages - click here to see current packages & prices - 20% OFF for any Active Duty Military and Full Time Public Safety Employees (Police, Fire, EMS). CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! I do offer a budget package/collection that is not listed on my website. These are for small local weddings only (less than 75 guests and in Wichita KS Metro). This package is $1,000 and is a reduced package from Collection One. I only offer these to 3 couples/year so don't wait to book. For this budget package the discount is reduced to 10% OFF for any Active Duty Military and Full Time Public Safety Employees (Police, Fire, EMS). 20% OFF additional A La Carte purchases. You do get what you pay for. I'm talking about those "photographers" who offer such low prices and even offer a DVD of all of the photos taken. They may have a camera but obviously not high-end quality equipment that your wedding day deserves. Ask yourself if you want some snapshots of your BIG day or do you want some HIGH QUALITY IMAGES that will remind you how SPECIAL that day was in your life. I will assure you that with any of my packages (even the low budget package) that I put all of my creativity and effort into creating those HIGH QUALITY IMAGES that you want and deserve to get. Let me tell you why I just don't "give away" images on a DVD. First of all, I have invested over $15,000 in professional photography equipment and training - not just a grand or so for a digital camera. I then have years of experience taking photos of people, objects, landscapes, and many other types of photography. Now, I have been known to capture some on the fly landscape and other types of photos with my cell phone camera but seriously, how reliable is that? We aren't talking about "selfies" here, we are talking about a one-time one-moment memory that cannot be recreated without knowing that it was recreated. Brides want photos of THAT day. There is a new trend starting called the "day after" session. But you know what? Brides still want photos of THAT day. I then cull and select a predetermined amount (based on which package you chose) of images that goes into Post Processing in MY STUDIO. I don't farm any post processing services out. I process each photo myself to the correct calibration of my computer screen which is calibrated to the color and brightness specifications of the professional printers that sit in the professional print shop that I have chosen. This assures me that what I am seeing is what is going to be printed. Other "discount" photo printing stores just cannot duplicate my creative vision precisely on paper. Would you like all of your prints to come back with a greenish or reddish tint to them? I don't think that you would. That is just another reason why I have the responsibility and control over your prints. I also want you to show off my work in the best possible way. I wouldn't want some young part-time employee who knows little about the "ART" of the entire Photography Process up to and including printing. I want a professional who can get consistant professional high quality results, every time. I do understand that some of my clients do want to archive their digital photos on a DVD and to also get those photos optimized to view crisply so they can show on the web including social media sites. So, I do offer digital files. So, do you want some inexperienced photographer (equipment asside) to take your wedding photos? Or do you want an experienced photographer who took years to build up their equipement and experience in the field, in studio, on location, on the fly, to get the best moments captured on a digital medium? My cell phone IS NOT my backup camera. (it could be my 3rd backup camera... lol) I am trying to interview for a job to shoot your wedding. So, look things over, ask yourself some questions, look at your budget, talk it over, ask me more questions if you like, check out other local photographers, check out photographer reviews, and then I hope that you are able to choose the best one for you on your wedding day. Thank you for reading and may everything work out great for you. JC Kirk OLD 81 STUDIOS


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