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About Us

Letterpress printing can be described as "the process of using a press for relief printing from metal type or raised surfaces formed from wood, metal, or linoleum." Once these surfaces are inked and pressed onto paper, a wonderful and textural piece of printmaking is created--a unique and special treat for your senses…

I realize people's need for a more personal and meaningful approach to design. I collaborate with my clients, by taking the time to understand their vision. Every detail in the typography…paper…color...theme…is considered to create invitations that are specific…memorable…simply beautiful. To know that each piece was carefully crafted by hand is a rare gift. Letterpress is a unique process, rich in tradition, and it's my pleasure to be able to share this with you.

Olive-Route Design & Letterpress is run from a lovely shop
in Berkeley, California. We enjoy visitors!
Please call for an appointment.

Invitations, save-the-dates, stationery & other various
wedding ephemera are printed on an
80 {some odd} year-old press named "Regis."

Please contact us for inquiries or estimate requests,
We love to talk shop!

Olivia San Mateo
designer & printer