Omaha Wedding Video

You’ve been planning your wedding for months, perhaps years.  Close your eyes and you can see it.  Your beautiful dress, his tuxedo; your friends in your wedding party, your family in the front row.  The look on his face as you appear at the end of the aisle.   The look on your face when you see him for the first time.

When you think about your wedding video, how does it look?  You probably have a picture in your mind.  Is it a fun, emotional quick highlights that you share with your friends?  Or is it a very special movie, custom made for you and your day?   Do you want to do something special to entertain your reception guests?  How about taking your special day to the next level and become a Rock Star for a day and star in your own music video?

This is the variety we bring to you.

Our coverage of your wedding begins on the day that we meet. We want to get to know you as well as possible so that we can tailor your video to truly reflect your vision and the love, emotion, and beauty of your wedding. We'll discuss the style of video you would prefer - timeless, elegant, modern, fun - and we will tailor this completely to your wishes. We review your event as a whole ... rehearsal, preparations, ceremony, reception ... to get the best feel for what is important to you, and what has the most meaning to you.

We want to produce your favorite movie ever - one you can watch over and over through the years, sharing with family and friends, reliving the joy of your first moments together as a married couple.  While we specialize in cinematic, highly emotional, highly edited wedding coverage, we also offer more traditional coverage.  What ever you want, we can provide.   We want to make the vision that you have of your wedding video come to life.

We are different from other videographers in many ways. We capture memories. The memories of one of the best days of your life. We tell the story of your day. The parts you remember, as well as the parts you missed. We create a film that will make you cry and make you laugh. Your happiest and most special moments captured for you, your family, and for generations to come.

Creative directors Miriam and Don Moran have been featured as speakers six times in the last three years at international wedding videography conventions.  We have also been featured twice in industry magazines and are recognized as industry leaders in wedding video education.  Miriam was selected as one of four judges for our industry’s creative excellence awards in 2010.  We bring our high level of experience as well as knowledge of current trends from literally all over the world to your wedding day.  This allows our coverage to shine creatively and produce a far-from-ordinary wedding video for you no matter what the scope of your vision.   No matter the size of your budget.

We limit the number of weddings we do. This allows us to keep our quality very high, with reasonable turn-around time for the edited video. We want to be able to focus all of our attention on you - to best preserve the memories of your day.

Your wedding day is too important to leave your video to a relative or a newly minted videographer.  Too much can go wrong and with weddings, there is no second chance to capture the moment.  We ask that you consider trusting us to capture your memories, as many brides, other wedding videographers, and even an ESPN cameraman has over the past few years.

So take a look at our sample videos, browse through our coverage options, choose what is right for your wedding, and give us a call.

Your wedding day will have many special moments. Moments that matter, on a special day that will never happen again, that will change your life forever. Moments both seen and missed. Your story deserves to be told, for generations to come. Let us help you take care of your memories and keep your day alive forever.