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About Us

We invite you to eliminate the worry and cherish your special union. Our thoughtful wedding planner and her experienced team take pleasure in helping you create the perfect ambiance for a memorable gathering of friends and loved ones.

OCGC LoneOak is a versatile establishment. For your nuptials, you might choose the Garden Courtyard with picturesque views of manicured grounds at the edge of wilderness, to exchange vows dappled in sunlight through a Wisteria cloaked Pergola, or to be wed under our graceful white canopy… with side curtains when Mother Nature decides to water her garden.

Then, raise your Champaign flutes in acknowledgment as you take pleasure in the warm glow of romantic illumination, enjoy a tastefully catered meal, and delight in socializing with your guests.

When the moment is right, bring your party to life! Have your DJ turn up the music, create an outdoor nightclub and capture the sights and sounds of happy people composing memories to last a lifetime!

Special occasions deserve special treatment and we love what we do! Beyond Expectations ~ The Hallmark of a Great Celebration.