Monsignor Antonio Rossi 1
Perinaldo, Province of Imperia 18032
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Located on a spendid ridge 572 metres above sea level, Perinaldo in a picturesque mediaeval town with an exceptional panorama.In the heart of the village a passion for astronomy.The G.D.Cassini Astronomic Observatory is located in the town hall of Perinaldo. It is equipped with two fixed telescope, 400mm and 356mm each, as well as serveral other mobile instruments. The observatory is open to the public year round. The schedule of events is set up every two months, published in the press and made available on the internet. The obseravtory organises session by reservationfor school-children and groups.The Cassini Museum, insiide the town hall, illustrates G.D.Cassini's life and scientific and astronomic activity trought correspondence, observations, drawings and works.