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About Us

The distinctive aesthetic behind Paisley’s creativity is readily seen in the wide variety of unique events, each tailored to reflect that client’s specific needs.

Under Lisa Moreta’s direction, the Paisley Studio design team seamlessly creates a wide range of exceptional celebrations.

These range from small intimate nuptials to large destination weddings, some with as many as with 500 guests, with venues throughout the US and abroad.

Additionally, Paisley is known for a complete array of stellar social events and business events, including important national magazine editorial gatherings, imaginative garden parties, sumptuous afternoon teas, seaside anniversary celebrations, new product launches and prestigious corporate events where both the company’s image and strategic communication goals are conveyed through the event’s unique design.

"Our designs tell the personal story of each client’s dream. We develop a specific theme so that the floral work—and the entire design—celebrate individuality. There is no better gathering and party than the one that gives guests a taste of your style, your personality." Lisa Moreta, Proprietor