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About Us

Kadie: Hey there! I'm Kadie and I am deathly afraid of fish… I'm so serious it's not even funny. I own and operate Pangburn Photography with my husband Joe.

Joe: Hi, I'm Joe.

Kadie: Yes, yes you are. We love photography and we love you. Yes, you. Reading this right now. You are special to us and we can't wait to hang out with you and get the best photos ever of you. Whatever, wherever, we promise to totally rock out on your pictures and know that you will have a blast chillin' with us.

Joe: But that's not all…

Kadie: Um… I think it is hun. I'm pretty sure that's it.

Joe: Tell them to hit up the blog to keep current with what we're doing. www.pangburnphotography.blogspot.com

Kadie: Right! Look at the pictures below, check out the blog and the site, then shoot us an e-mail and tell us all about your special day. But hurry, we're booking fast!

Joe: Don't forget to ask me about being tied to a stalk of broccoli in a hail storm! You don't want to miss that one!

Kadie: Joe, stop showing off and babbling, I'm sure the bride has a million other ads to look through on this site…

Joe: Kadie, I don't think there even are a million ads on this site! :p

Kadie: Anyway… Thanks for checking us out! Hope you enjoy!