149 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, WA 98004
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About Us

PaperTree is conveniently located in Bellevue Square in downtown Bellevue, Washington. The store opened in May of 1981 and over the last twenty years has built a strong reputation as a successful retail stationery, card and custom printing products store. It has become the leader in sales and ideas for its category of stores.

We define our business as the "Relationship Products Business." We sell products and services that enhance people's relationships with other people. PaperTree strives to build a strong pro-active retailing company by developing and perfecting systems to offer a wide variety of products and services.

Our customers are individuals, families and business people with distinctive tastes. They are very busy and want their needs fulfilled fast, efficiently with a variety of unique products. We will continue to serve our current customer base and strive to find new customers by offering unique programs and products through an aggressive online expansion.

Our employees are hardworking, career-oriented individuals who enjoy a pleasant work atmosphere. They are family-oriented and are concerned with receiving a good salary and benefits. PaperTree employees continue to strive to offer the best service available anywhere by being totally aware of and satisfying customers needs. Employees understand that they are in total control of our "policy" and that the only acceptable solution is to "make it right". Employee satisfaction is a core value. Satisfied employees create loyal customers.