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About Us

Custom & Classic Video & Photography since 1988. From Wedding Celebrations to Gala Occasions and Corporate Functions - from Maryland to California - we have shot at the grandest private estates and Country Clubs to the most elegant ballrooms and the chicest hotels.

Clients appreciate our professional and unobtrusive style of shooting, and the fact that our videos and photography are edited to bring out the class, elegance and beauty of their events ... all necessary ingredients for a heartwarming memento that will be appreciated for generations!

Form & Structure~ Many clients and videographers alike seem to think that there is a standard pattern for shooting a wedding. Not so. We tend to follow a natural realistic style of Cinema Verite, presenting an interesting, well-shaped story, with its own rhythm and pacing unique to each couple: from the beauty of the ceremony - the magic moments, the happy tears, the nervousness, joy, excitement & thrills ­ to the warmth and elegance of family and friends at the reception.

Professionally Crafted Classic and Custom Videos~ We take pride in being unobtrusive, shooting with the greatest amount of discretion, tact, and taste. In a similar vein, our video edited with elegance, beauty and rhythm creating a feature length movie of approx. 100 min. - $2,395.*


a) Pre-Wedding: Capture the joyous occasion of the rehearsal dinner as you party with family and close friends - (call for pricing).

b) Pre-Ceremony: Precious once-in-a-lifetime moments of the Bride putting on the final touches to her Wedding Gown are elegantly captured and edited into a heartwarming momento - $195.

c) Highlights: A recap of the Celebration expertly crafted, from the Ceremony to Reception, scored to your choice of music - $250.

d) Music/Video Montage: Black & White photographs from the Bride¹s and Groom¹s early childhood, through to the color of their adult lives, arranged to your choice of music - (variable, please call).

Have your Video Montage projected onto a large screen display at the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception - (please call)

e) Pre/Post-Wedding: As you stroll arm-in-arm on your romantic walk by the lake in Central Park, special moments are captured as you pet the horses, feed ducks, and kiss - $295.

f) VHS movie of your Wedding Day Celebration - (NC)

Notes: * All shoots are priced for a six hour event. Overtime is charged at $100 per hour. For locations outside of Manhattan, a $100 transportation expense will be incurred. * Add NY sales tax where applicable.

Digital Media

Share The Joy~ Complete Wedding Celebration on DVD - a movie with featured menu & chapters. View it at home, at the office or send it around the globe.
Set of (3) DVDs - $195.

Just The Facts, Ma'am~ Your Wedding Recap on a CD. Play it on your computer or a friend's computer, or your families computer or co-worker's computer. You can send them all the highlights of your wedding celebration as a memento.
Set of 10 CDs - $195.

Candid Camera Revisited~ A candid collection of 12-24 images (video still shots) of your wedding day digitally mastered on CD. Perfect for e-mail, thank you notes, stationary, etc.
Mac/PC - $95