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Pat Gibbons' floral design studio is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, just north of Berkeley. For the past twenty-seven years, Pat has offered personalized service and innovative designs for each of her clients. She has built a reputation for excellence and is well known for her original flair with color and texture.

Pat Gibbons designs events at the most popular venues in the Bay Area and is familiar with their rules and regulations, as well as the best way to enhance their specific features. Pat brings style, design and beauty to every wedding she designs. She listens closely to her clients, working with them to create a wedding that embraces their style and vision.

The design process begins with a complimentary one hour consultation where Pat Gibbons' extensive portfolio can be viewed. During this time and throughout the planning process, Pat works closely with her clients, developing ideas based on the personal style, color theme, and overall impression that is envisioned.

Pat enjoys offering her expertise and artistry to her clients. In order to maintain the service and quality she is known for, she limits her weddings to one per day. Pat is always onsite the day of the event, working with the other vendors to ensure all goes smoothly.

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Pat Gibbons is on many preferred vendors' listings and is happy to provide referrals. She lectures and writes for professional groups, and her work has been praised in Bay Area newspapers and magazines and the many clients and peers who know her work.

Pat Gibbons has added a new design service to her business.
Wedding favors in a new distinct style.

*Sweet beginnings
Wedding favors made from local, unprocessed honey. This delicious honey comes in a 1 ½ oz. jar, decorated with a label bearing your name or wedding date. A colorful hand-cut paper flower tops the jar- delightful and delicious!

*Table Talk
Capture the essence of your wedding with these one of a kind favors. Each one-inch square glass piece is individually hand painted and kiln-fired to become a visual gem of color. The design can be based on your color scheme, flowers or abstract pattern evoking the spirit of your event. A magnet attaches it to an escort card for your sign-in table so it becomes both a sparkling table décor and an everlasting favor for your guests.

*Flower Fusion
In a way never offered before, you can have a truly unique memento of your bridal bouquet- an artist’s interpretation captured on the beauty of glass. Working from a photo of your bouquet, I will hand paint the design, which is kiln- fired to become a permanent fusion of paint and glass.

It’s a beautiful blend of art and nature that can hang in a window to catch the light and evoke memories of your special day.