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About Us

Professionally, I think others would say it’s important to know about all of the magazines I have been in, television I have done, or all for the famous people I have worked for, but I think it is more important for you to know that I have never been late for a job and never gone over budget.

Still others would tell you that I have an incredible “eye” for detail and sense of style, but I would want you to know that working in this business, the business of creating memories, gives me as much pleasure as it will you…at your next party.

The source of all this great joy of course the love of two people, vowing to love eternal. It is also the expression of love from two entire families, the powerful friendships of a host of friends, and the promise of the future in the eyes of countless nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. These are all gifts to us. These gifts become an experience, and finally become cherished memories.

These gifts are all given, received and celebrated at an event, around food and flowers, some refreshing beverages. Something I know a little about.