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About Us

With the push of a button you can capture fun photos of your event. A profession dye-sub printer will crank out your photos in 7 seconds! Wow, that is fast. You can choose from a wide variety of props to act as goofy as you want. After your images are printed, (they come out in precut strips), your guest keeps one as a "gift" and the other one goes into your Guest Book, along with a handwritten message. What a great memory of your special day, and one you can look back on with laughter and fond memories.

We chose to do an "Open Air" Booth as opposed to an enclosed booth. You can get a larger group of people in our booth, the images are better quality, and the lighting is great!

We have a professional attendant on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and keeps the fun moving along.

We have a wide assortment of goofy props and fun posing ideas so you can be sure the Photo Booth will be the "life" of the party!

We will take as much space as you can give us, the minimum we need to do a bang up job is 8'x12'.

You get UNLIMITED prints in your package price and we give the host a DVD of all the photos taken during the set up.

You can view all the images on our online gallery to share with your friends and family.

Why is our name Paws and Poses? We are huge animal lovers and a portion of our profit goes to LOCAL animal rescue services.