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About Us

For the first time, the most comprehensive non-invasive body contouring weight loss spa is finally here…

  • The most advanced FDA approved technologies are all available under one roof
  • No needles, no shots, no surgeries, no pain, no downtime.
  • Enjoy “massage-like” treatments with an added benefit of weight loss, inch loss, and cellulite reduction.


  • Who says beauty can't be painless? At PerfectMe by Laser, we only use FDA approved technologies to help mold a Perfect You!
  • Come enjoy painless massage-like treatments to trim down those last few inches and cellulite that you just can't get with diet and exercise alone. Indulge in our complimentary aroma and paraffin bath therapies offered during treatments, while we help you get you bikini body back with no pain, no needles, no downtime!
  • Sleep your way to beauty. You deserve a little more Me-Time to treat and pamper yourself. So relax...breathe...and enjoy the most relaxing signature service you have to expect. Let the beautiful you be reborn at PerfectMe by Laser!

Why should I choose PerfectMe by Laser over the many other medical spas out there?

We are one of few, if any, spas that focuses purely on noninvasive fat and cellulite reduction. This is our speciality...instead of diversifying resources for other non-weight loss treatments, we focus solely on body slimming and contouring.

Second, nobody likes needles, and neither do we. Noninvasive means no needles, no shots, no surgeries, which equals no pain and no downtime. These are some of the most aggressive techniques for weight and cellulite reduction available on the market today, second only to that of invasive liposuction procedures. Continuous scientific evidence has proven our technologies to be highly successful, especially with the combined effects of the different therapies available in our spa.

The combination of cold laser light, infrared energy, radiofrequency waves, ultrasonic beams, and zonal lymphatic massages collectively shrinks fat cells, tears intercellular linkages in fat tissue layers, promotes healthy lymphatic drainage of fatty content, and stimulates natural excretion of all fat byproducts from the body. Because most other medical spas only have enough resources to utilize one of these techniques, they cannot deliver the combined power of all three technologies. Yet at PerfectMe by Laser, we can!

Third, we want you to enjoy each and every one of your visit here at PerfectMe by Laser just like a regular spa visit. You will never see a doctor, a nurse, nor any other medical professional who reminds you of a medical checkup. We promise to deliver spa-like treatments that you will look forward to again and again.