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MEET CHRIS Chris has been married for 21 years to his wife Kristy and they have a young son together. He is a minister in Tracy, an East Bay native, and has 20 years experience as a Bay Area Wedding Officiant performing many different types of weddings. Chris enjoys getting to know couples to customize a wedding ceremony rich in life, love and laughter.

YOUR CEREMONY Your wedding is a day that you'll always remember and have possibly been thinking about for years--so you want it to be just right for you. This day is about the two of you, and the ceremony should reflect that. That's why Chris loves to make it very personal and all about your lives together. He'll do this by sharing the story of your relationship so that everyone feels they are a part of what is happening in your lives. Nobody comes to a wedding to be bored or hear a sermon--they want to hear about the couple. Chris will make sure the ceremony reflects who you are and expresses the feelings you have for one another.

In the midst of all the wedding plans, sometimes the officiant is an afterthought-yet they have a vital role in making the ceremony unforgettable. Chris will assist you in the planning and craft a memorable ceremony that gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your special day. He's performed many different types of weddings: short & fun, a romantic celebration with some contemporary elements, and a bit more traditional. Chris will help you to be creative and give you a unique wedding that reflects you.

WHAT'S INVOLVED? First meet with Chris so you can get to know each other and see if it's a right fit for you. You'll talk about what elements you would like in your ceremony. You may have some specific ideas, or you may need Chris to help talk through what components you would like. He'll ask you both to answer some questions about yourselves that he might share in the ceremony such as how you met, what you like to do together, what you appreciate about the other, a fun story that reflects your relationship, etc. Together you'll fashion a ceremony that's just right!

You can meet with & contact Chris as much you need to along the way, and he'll try to make it as stress-free as possible. He'll help direct your rehearsal, write your personalized ceremony, and mail in the marriage license so you can enjoy the honeymoon! Chris easily works with your Wedding DJ, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Photographer, and bridal party so you don't have to feel like a Bridezilla!

Check out Chris' website and make sure you read the testimonials for a flavor of what his ceremonies are like. Contact Chris by email or phone for a no obligation meeting to see if he's what you're looking for. From there, you'll be on your way to having the wedding ceremony of your dreams!


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