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Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal 3275
South Africa


PetalMania is the only specialist floral freeze drier in Southern Africa.  We have been freeze drying flowers and petals for many years so that they can be enjoyed for months in homes and used for special occasions. 

Freeze drying is a sophisticated method of dehydration whereby the colour, shape and size of the flowers are retained.  All of the flowers we use are naturally coloured, i.e. no artificial colourings are used, and preserved so that they look fresh. 

We have made many brides happy by supplying them with out-of-season flowers for their bouquet, like Peonies and Hydrangeas.

Petals for decorating tables, tossing confetti and aisle petals are available in a myriad of colours but if by chance the colour you require is not available, we will custom dry the colour at no extra cost.

For more information about what we do and how we do it, visit our website:  All the flowers and petals shown have been freeze dried.


Using freeze dried flowers and petals as part of your display is uniquely practical & beautiful. Petals for decorating, confetti, scattering along the aisle or dance floor and out-of-season flowers all available, no matter what the weather or season. 100% natural, biodegradable and non-staining. Call us now!