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About Us

We consider it a joy and a privilege to film your wedding.  We take it soberly and we have a lot of fun doing it.  We have a long history in corporate video but weddings is where we choose to be.  There is a unique passion that comes into every video we produce and we still honestly smile, laugh, and sometimes shed a tear while chronicling these magnificent occasions of your lives.  

A short summary of our vision is in our name.  Memories for Life.  This is a unique landmark in your life. It is a celebration of new life, families uniting and a reunion of friends, young and old.  It could well be the largest single gathering of your entire circle of influence, to celebrate you.  We want to be there. We want to be in the honorary position of capturing everything that takes your breath away on that day.  We want to gather all the moments you dreamed of and the moments you didn't get to see all into one place. We want to represent your spirit of life in a way that can be recalled and treasured for years to come.  We want to do more than just tell the story; we want it to be the way you remembered it.  That is the difference of just recording and having a recording artist.